Bereton Irish Wolfhounds 
  & Scottish Deerhounds                

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                                                              About Bereton Irish Wolfhounds           
We live on a small ranch with approximately 24 acres, in Texas.  We are located about 45 minutes northwest of DFW international airport, in Irving.  It's a great place to have hounds as there is plenty of room for them to run and they enjoy swimming in the stock ponds nearly every day.

We keep only a small number of hounds here and our Irish Wolfhounds are our pets and companions first, and show dogs second. All are reared as a special part of our family and spend time in the house with us.

Since becoming involved in the breed, in 1995, we have finished many hounds to their AKC championships, in the confirmation ring, but have omly bred one litter of puppies.  We do not feel that a hound must be  bred simply because it is a champion
.  Our goal is to use only the best quality foundation hounds in establishing our breeding program with breed standard, health, longevity, and temperament being of the utmost importance to us.  We will breed only when we want something for ourselves.  At that time, we will occasionally have puppies available to carefully screened and approved homes.  However, we often know of other reputable breeders who have puppies available, so please feel free to inquire!

Our interest in breeding is to do so specifically for ourselves, as most breeders generally keep their best puppy show/breed prospects to establish their own lines. 
After many years in the looking, learning, and planning stages, we have finally found the combination of hounds with which we hope to produce our first foundation litter.  

Inquiries and visitors are always welcome.  We do ask that you send us an email (or phone) in advance, to make arrangements.  Our hounds love company and we enjoy introducing them to visitors.

Special Acknowledgements  

I would like to thank the following people for their contributions to this website. Some of them have generously given of their valuable knowledge and time.  Some have provided photographs of their hounds, and shared resources. Most important are those whom have shared their friendship, their guidance, and their integrity, all of which has greatly enriched my life. To all of you, my sincere thanks.

Louise Pinkney - Hydebeck                                          Fiona Green Photography
Marion & Tim Finney - Gulliagh                                   Nicky Warwick - Cairnstorm  
Kathy Goodall - Driftcot                                             Dagmar Pordham-Kenis - Soldstrand
Peggy Adamson, "How to Evaluate a Breeder"            Karen Catov-Goodell - Pinehurst
Linda Gover - Owenmore                                            Gretchen Bernardi - Berwyck
Ika & Ulli Peiler - Knocknarea                                    Donita Osborne - Wolfhaven
Pam & John Sumner - Ballyphelan