Bereton Irish Wolfhounds 
  & Scottish Deerhounds                

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  Bereton Irish Wolfhounds  Welcome!
This website is dedicated to the hounds who have given us so much, during our journey into the fascinating world of this truly magnificent breed.

To the wonderful folks who have patiently mentored us, along the way, our many thanks.  Their guidance and friendship has truly been appreciated beyond words.  
Having always been a dog lover, I saw my first Irish Wolfhound when I was twelve years old. He was a lovely impressive male who’s beauty and presence I have never forgotten.  Twenty-six years later we purchased our property in a small community in Texas, with over 23 acres, and our first Irish Wolfhound.  A dream comes true and the “passion” continues to grow.  
I believe that each hound with which we have had the opportunity to share our lives and our home has brought us many new learning experiences and adventures.  Each hound is very special in their own individual sort of way.

Anyone who has experience with this breed knows how terribly difficult it is to say "goodbye" when that time comes.  The pain and loss is so great, at times you really wonder if it's all worth it. With each hound we help to pass over the Rainbow Bridge, we send along a piece of our very hearts and souls.  Because we only have then for a short time, we must appreciate and savor every moment we share.
It is my own personal feeling that my life has been most enriched because of my hounds and the wonderful folks I have met, over the years.                      

Thanks for visiting.  ENJOY...